Styling our Blanket Ladder

There are SO MANY creative ways that you could style the blanket ladder available in our shop {here}. It is so much more than a just the blanket ladder. I can’t choose just one! Which one is your favorite?

Even though Christmas isn’t for another 8 months, this is my favorite way to incorporate our blank ladder into your home. It’s so festive! Check out Lucy’s holiday home tour here
Around the holidays, add some lights to your ladder. Check out other beautiful & simple holiday decorating tricks by Katrina & Mike here
Display your favorite pretty blankets in any room in the home. See more beautiful rustic industrial home ideas by Ashley here
I absolutely love this idea! Perfect for any room in the house!
Add some wire baskets for simple storage for any room in your home! Check out how Kaily used her’s here


I know this isn’t a blanket ladder, but it shows the point. Know someone having a rustic wedding soon? These are perfect for displaying blankets for sitting or snuggling up under the stars.

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