Welcome to the new blog for our Etsy shop: Duffy Industrial Home Decor. We are a husband & wife team who create custom industrial pieces for your home! You simply choose the item you would like us to create (from our shop), then choose the size, wood type, wood stain color, & we’ll custom build it for you!

On here we will be posting ideas of how you can use our products in your home, and where and when we will be selling. Our most popular product in the shop right now is the simple shelf. I need pictures to better visualize how I’ll use it in a space, so here are some ideas for how you can use and style our simple shelves:

any room idea 1
This inspiration comes from Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s Fixer Upper. (We’ve been followers of the Gaines’ since the beginning, so you’ll see a lot of inspiration from them!) Find more inspiration here
bathroom idea 1
Style your bathroom with space-saving shelves by Amanda. See more space saving bathroom ideas by Amanda here


boy's room
Create a modern boy’s (or girl’s) room for years to come. See more of this amazing rustic room here
Dining room idea 1
Create a statement piece with this dining room/ buffet display. Find more shelving ideas here
Dining room idea 2
This is one of my favorites! Create this look with a couple long shelves, Chalkboard paint, and some delicious snacks. Perfect for coffee shops or hosting parties! See more ideas to create the perfect Coffee Bar here
living room idea 1
Use them to display plants anywhere in your home! Check more beautiful inspiring ideas from Adri & Jeremy here


My favorite design idea of all (because we’re expecting #2)! Our shelves can be used in your child’s room from the day you bring them home to the day they leave home! (Blogger no longer blogs, but posts on Pinterest. Find more ideas for her nursery here)
office idea 1
Another idea I plan on using for my office someday! Create so much space with long shelve designated to a single wall. See Kristin’s office makeover completed here

How will you use our shelves in your home? We love seeing our pieces help create the inviting space you’re hoping for!

Want to order shelves from our shop? Visit us here & send us a message of your ideas!


Until later,

Ryan & Lizz

2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Awwww thanks for sharing my home office shelving! I love love love all industrial meets rustic style shelving and all of these ideas are so beautiful!


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